Providing Scottish Businesses with a Chinese Digital Presence

Nihao Scotland is an advertising and marketing platform to help to grow your Chinese audience, with more than 500,000 coverage across six key Chinese social media platforms.

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What makes our platform unique?

Scotland currently has a low profile in China. People know the UK, but they don’t know Scotland as a brand. Our founder, a Scottish University Graduate, set out to change Chinese perceptions of Scotland.

Nihao Scotland has gained such a vast following by promoting the things that make Scotland great. We promote products, attractions and destinations to Chinese consumers.

Since our launch in 2018, the NihaoScotland platform has become the official channel for Chinese consumers to learn about Scotland. By targeting the UK based Chinese population we provide a unique way of advertising to the world’s largest consumer market, and the world’s largest outbound tourism market.

A launch pad for China growth

We will help you attract a wide Chinese following for your brand

Widely Known Platform

Widely Known Platform

75% of our readers/followers are UK based Chinese or Chinese students who are based in the UK, 25% are Chinese residents and parents of overseas students.

China Strategy Planning

China Strategy Planning

We can help you to create a comprehensive strategy for growing your business in China.

China Online Marketing

China Online Marketing

We use WeChat, Weibo, Tiktok, iaohongshu and other major social platforms to help our clients target Chinese consumers.

Internet Celebrity Cooperation

Internet Celebrity Cooperation

Nihao Scotland has more than 140+ Chinese KOL resources across the UK.

The opportunity for Scottish businesses

Scotland accounts for 14% of the UK’s goods exports to China, valued at £2.2 Billion. China has now overtaken the USA as the world’s largest outbound tourism market.

Scottish products

  • Scotland has a unique and rich variety of goods which prove popular with Chinese consumers.

  • Nihao Scotland combines the Chinese passion for shopping with the power of word of mouth marketing. We have created a unique way to reach Chinese consumers in a very cost-effective way.

Attractions, hotels and restaurants

  • In China, Scotland currently isn’t a very popular destination compared to other destinations. There is a big opportunity for local tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants in Scotland to target Chinese tourists in China.

  • The spending power of Chinese students and tourists is huge. NihaoScotland can promote your destinations to reach Chinese consumers and build up your reputation.

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