The Nihao Scotland project started in June 2018, an official Scottish travel and cultural promotion platform built on WeChat, Soho, Toutiao.com, NetEase, Zhihu and Tiktok (China) to help Chinese students and tourists in the UK and Chinese consumers know about Scotland. Our WeChat platform plans to embeds online payment, as well as mini – programs and a WeShop. The goal is to help Scottish companies market their local products and services to Chinese customers directly, in a cost effective way.

Meet Our Team

Our team spans across China and the UK. Our China team is based in Hefei, which is the capital city of Anhui Province, and our UK team is based in Dundee. After five years’ of marketing for UK companies, the Nihao Scotland team has become well-established.

XiaoXiao Zhang
Abbey Wang
Jason Wu
Ya Liu